Renovation Wrap Up #1

The groundbreaking on January 5th was a success. Our Discovery Club Preschool dug up sand from the playground after Board of Directors President Alan Perry, Mayor Pro-Tem Kim Likins and Mayor David Bennet spoke. A few hours later the excavator removed the playground. 

Over the next week, the playground pavilion and concrete were demolished. Efforts were then moved to the sheds on the backside of the pool. Currently, the perimeter fence is being set up, and some landscaping being removed.

Important notes

  • The back door of our gym in no longer accessible
  • The outside bathroom doors are no longer accessible
  • To enter the building from the pool, please use the side or front doors
  • Black mats have been duct taped to the perimeter of the gym
  • When exiting the pool, please stay on the black mats to avoid wet floors
  • The Island Rec Center building is scheduled to close March 17th. The pool will remain open. Portable restrooms will be available. 

Renovation Wrap Up #2

Looking Forward and Reflecting on the Past

Looking Forward and Reflecting on the Past