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Kennedi Miller, 5th Grade. Enjoys attending Afterschool Care and Gator Cheer.

Kennedi Miller, 5th Grade. Enjoys attending Afterschool Care and Gator Cheer.

Tonya Miller is a single mother who has relied on The Carmines Family Recreation Scholarship Fund for childcare and recreational activities for her daughter, Kennedi, since she was 5 years old.

Tonya was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer in January 2016. Along with skyrocketing costs of medical expenses and treatments she was concerned she could no longer afford for Kennedi to attend the Island Recreation Center. We wanted to ensure Kennedi’s well-being and provide as much of a normal lifestyle during these trying times as possible. With your support of the Friend’s Drive, the Association was able to help relieve some stress on this family’s financial concerns and continues to provide Kennedi with quality recreation programs.

For nearly 40 years, the Island Recreation Association has endeavored to provide every child in our community with the opportunity to participate in summer camps, sports leagues, swimming lessons and other recreational activities. By supporting the 2017 Friends Drive, you will help families in need and their children to participate in active and healthy recreation programs.

Last year, the Association awarded $261,322 in scholarships, which went to over 67% of our participants 17 and under. This scholarship program is only possible through your generosity. Please remember, your contribution to the Association will continue to enrich the lives of children and families creating a supportive environment through recreation programs.

We know there are many choices when it comes to supporting non-profit organizations; however it is rare to find an organization touching so many people in different ways. Rest assured we will use your generous gift to continue providing opportunities our youth. Please help us build a better community, one child at a time.

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