Gator Football and the Island Rec Center

Gator Football goes back more than 40 years on Hilton Head. This program is full contact football for youth ages 5-12. The Gators currently play in the Low Country Football League, which is made up of 8 teams throughout the Lowcountry. In addition to coaching on various skills, techniques, etc., our players will be learning life skills. 

Hilton Head Gator Cheerleading

Cheerleading is for girls between the ages of 5 - 13 years old and are grouped based on age. They cheer for the Gator Football team at all 8 games throughout the season and at various Lowcountry locations. The girls learn the necessary foundations of cheerleading, along with other skills they can apply in other aspects of life - such as a good work ethic. The girls also learn a competition routine that is performed at the end of the season in the Lowcountry Cheerleading Competition, to be held at the same location as the football end of season playoffs. 

Faquita Aiken - Gator Cheer Commissioner / Coach

Faquita Aiken - Gator Cheer Commissioner / Coach


If you are interested in being a sponsor or volunteer for the Hilton Head Gator Football or Cheer teams, please contact Gator Commissioner Fred Lowery at