Lifeguard Certification Course

Ages 15 & up

Please Email Brandon Brown or call 843-510-0467 with questions. 

August 29-Sept 2
4-5pm Thursday
4-8pm Friday
9am-5pm Saturday
9am-5pm Sunday
4-8pm Monday

What To Bring

  • Dry Change Of Clothes

  • Towel

  • Blank Paper and a Pen/Pencil
    **You Will Need To Take Notes**

  • Lunch, Drinks, And Snacks

Swimming Attire

  • Males: Swim Trunks/Board Shorts
    ***No Jammers or Swim Briefs

  • Females: One piece suits
    ***No 2 piece Swimsuits

Course Prerequisites
You will be tested on this the first day of class

Deep water Retrieval:
Time Limit within 1 minute 40 second

Starting in the water:

Sprint 20 yards using front crawl or breaststroke.
Preform a feet first surface-dive 8ft deep, retrieve a 10lbs. brick, return to the surface without touching the bottom.
Swim back 20 yards to the starting point with the object and exit the water without using a ladder or steps.  

Swim 300 yards Continuously:
one of the two ways

  1. Freestyle using rhythmic breathing and a stabilizing, propellant kick.

  2. Breaststroke using a pull, breathe, kick and glide sequence. 

Tread Water: 2 minutes

Using legs only with arms under armpits or stretched upward out of water 

 Guidelines for the Course

Ages 15 and up, Attend all class sessions

  1. Demonstrate competency in all required skills and activities in pool and classroom: 40% of class

  2. Demonstrate competency in the three final skill scenarios: 40% of class

  3. Correctly answer at least 80% of the questions in the three sections of the final written exams: 20% of class

  • Section 1: CPR/First Aid: Cannot miss more than 8 of the 40 questions

  • Section 2: Lifeguarding skills/Head Neck and Back: 6 out of 30 questions part 1 and 8 out of 10 questions on part 2


Please make plans in advance to ensure that you have no conflicts with any of the class dates. Other than emergencies, absences will result in failure of the course. Registration Deadline is a week prior to the Class to insure materials for students. We reserve the right to cancel class due to low participation numbers. Please be advised that the class needs at least four participants to take place. Cancellation will take place within 24 hours of the class.

Absolutely No Cell Phones During Class


$200 For the Lifeguard Class (30 hours) | American Red Cross Lifeguarding CPR/AED First Aid Re-Certification - Class cost is $75.00. Participants must provide a valid Lifeguarding Certificate prior to the start of class and either purchase or bring with them a CPR pocket mask.