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Summer Group Lessons

Session 1: June 4th-7th | Session 2: June 11th -14th
Session 3: June 18th-21st | Session 4: June 25th-28th
Session 5: July 9th-12th | Session 6: July 16th-19th
Session 7: July 23rd-26th | Session 8: Aug 6th-9th

Manatees, Otters, Loggerheads | Ages 4 & up | $45/session

Morning times: 10-10:30am, 10:35-11:05am, 11:10-11:40am
Afternoon times: 5-5:30pm. 5:35-6:05pm

Note: Ages are for reference. Your child's skills may vary.  

Frogs (Saturday only)

Prerequisite Preschool skills: This class is an intro to swimming. Like our water babies program this class will introduce your child to group lessons. We work on:

1.      Blowing bubbles

2.      Intro to underwater exploration

3.      gliding on front and back

4.      Front and Back Floats

5.       Working leg action  (intro to kick)


Prerequisite Frogs Skills (Children must be able to doggie paddle). In this class we will work on: 

1.      Front crawl (using arm and leg action)

2.      Backstroke (using arm and leg action)

3.      Swimming while face is in water

4.      Roll from front to back


Prerequisite Manatees Skills. This class we review front crawl and backstroke. We will also be working on:

1.      Freestyle with rotary breathing

2.      Refinement of freestyle stroke

3.      Refinement of backstroke

4.       Intro to breaststroke and butterfly (kicks only)

5.       Basic dives from side


Prerequisite Otters Skills. With the advanced class we will work on stroke refinement with:

1.      Freestyle

2.      Backstroke

3.      Breaststroke

4.      Butterfly

5.       Working on starts


bring/wear Swimsuits, Towels, and Goggles (not needed but preferred)     

Contact email:

Makeup for weather-related cancellations will be on Fridays. More than one canceled class will be prorated. 

Participant absences/missed classes will not be made up.   

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Later Event: May 27
Tadpoles I, II & Frogs