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Tadpoles I, II & Frogs

Saturdays, WB1 9-9:30am | WB2 9:30-10am
Preschool 10-10:30am
Session 1: June 2-23
Session 2: July 14- August 4

Ages 6 months - 5 years | $45

The Water Babies program is a six class progression that will introduce your child to the water environment and prepare the child for swim lessons. This is a parent and child program in which we will use toys and games to keep the children's attention while teaching about and respecting the water.

Please come at starting time and we ask that parents/children do not enter the water until instructed to do so from Instructor. Please be aware registration will be taken offline the Friday before the first class of each session. Please contact Brandon Brown (843-681-7273) for more information and to sign up.                          

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Tadpoles 1 :  This class is designed to instruct parents/guardians how to handle your children in the water and to introduce them to the aquatic environment. To do so you will be learning the different holding positions, playing games, and using toys. Please note that this class is to introduce your child to the water not swim lessons. Age range for this class is 6 months to 2.5 years. 

Tadpoles 2: This class is designed to strengthen and develop the skills in Tadpoles 1 or for the child who is comfortable in the water. This is still a parent and me course but the parent will be the acting instructor and at times one on one with the instructor. We will be working with the same tools used with our swim lessons program such as kick-boards, noodles, pool walls/stairs, and holding positions to focus on arm and leg movement. This class will prepare your child for private/group swim lessons. Age range for this class is 1.5-3 and child's comfort in water.


Prerequisite Tadpoles skills: This class is an intro to swimming. Like our water babies program this class will introduce your child to group lessons. We work on:

1.      Blowing bubbles

2.      Intro to underwater exploration

3.      gliding on front and back

4.      Front and Back Floats

5.       Working leg action  (intro to kick)

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