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Be The Glitch

Instagram and Twitter: @elevateBTG

QB/WR Skill Development
By private appointment/session
ages 6 & Up | Price dependent on age

"My name is Jalen Whitlow and am from Montgomery, Alabama. I eventually moved to Prattville, Alabama and attended Prattville High where I learned under great coaches and had a chance to win a State Championship and began that season as the #1 high school team in the country. I am a former Division 1 Quarterback at the University of Kentucky and Eastern Illinois University. I started Quarterback all four of my collegiate football seasons and had a chance to learn under great Quarterback coaches and Offensive Coordinators. Coach Randy Sanders was my Quarterback coach and Offensive coordinator my freshman year at Kentucky. He has a long track record of coaching NFL Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers. Randy Sanders is now the Quarterback coach and Co-Offensive Coordinator at Florida State University. I spent a year as an assistant coaching Wide Receivers at Eastern Illinois after my playing career came to an end. I am currently the Quarterbacks coach and Offensive Coordinator at Hilton Head Island High School. Throughout my college experience, I've had a chance to learn from some of the best coaches and players and I am looking forward to passing some of those skills and knowledge on to younger players."

"Be The Glitch is a Quarterback and Wide Receiver skill development training program where I assist each kid in developing skill at their position. I look forward to working with kids to help them advance their knowledge of the game at their specific position physically and mentally. Training sessions will be very detailed so that each kid can maximize their potential and elevate over their competition. Sessions will be private and will be by appointment."