Waterbabies (6 mths-3 yrs with parent participation): (6 mths-3 yrs with parent participation) This is a fun, interactive class with parent/guardian and child both participating. The main goal of the water babies program is to create a positive, comfortable perspective of the water. Parents will learn varying holding positions and skills to ensure their child is not only happy with the water experience but also safe. Please come at starting time and we ask that children do not enter water until instructed to do so.

Frogs (Beginner, Ages for reference 3-4) This class is an intro to independent swimming. It will follow the progressions of water safety and exposure from our water babies program in a class setting. Prerequisites: Independent jump/ glide from step/ stairs to instructor, Comfortability with water, Arm/ leg movement (splashes)

Manatees (Beginner, Ages for reference 5-8) Continuing swim knowledge/ safety/ beginning basic stroke development. Prerequisites: Blowing Bubbles, Underwater exploration, Glides (front/ back), Floats (front/ back), Intro Kick

Otters (Intermediate, Ages for reference 7-11) This class we refine freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke. Students will be introduced to further and more advanced swim techniques and strokes. Prerequisites: Swimming with face in the water, Rolling breath, Basic Freestyle (arm and leg action), Basic Backstroke (arm and leg action)

Loggerheads (Advanced, Ages for reference 8-13+) This class will focus on stroke development and refinement for all competitive swim strokes. The end goal will be to join the island rec center’s rec swim club, the local competitive swim club, to be an efficient swimmer for exercise, etc: Prerequisites: Rotary breathing (side kick), Full stroke Freestyle and Backstroke, Breast stroke and Butterfly kicks, Basic dives (from side)

End of Summer

Group Lessons

(4) thirty minute lessons for a total of 2 hours group instruction per session.
Instructor to participant ratio is 1 to 5 maximum participants with the exception of Water Babies.  

summer Saturday Sessions

9:15am Water Babies | 10:00am Frogs | 10:30am Manatee | 11:00am Otters | 11:30am Loggerheads
Offered at all sessions below
Session 3 August 10, 17, 24, & 31

summer Weekday Sessions

Times: 9am, 9:45 am, 5pm, 5:45 pm
Frogs, Manatees, Otters and Loggerhead sessions offered at each time
Session 8 July 29-Aug. 1

Fall 2019

Frog, Manatee, Otter, Loggerhead Group Lessons - $45

Four thirty minute lessons for a total of 2 hours group instruction per session. Instructor to participant ratio is 1 to 5 maximum participant.

Saturday Sessions 
10:30-11am OR 11:15-11:45am

Session 1 Oct. 19th-Nov. 9th 
Session 2 Dec. 7th-Jan 4th 

Tuesday/Thursday Sessions

Session 1 Oct. 15th-24th
Session 2 Nov. 5th-14th
Session Dec. 3rd-12th

Group Lessons Water Babies - $45

Four thirty minute lessons for a total of 2 hours group instruction per session. Private lessons for under 3 available!

Saturday morning
Ages 6 mths-1 yr: 8:45-9:15am
Ages 1 - 1.5yrs: 9:20-9:50am
Ages 1.5-3 yrs: 9:55-10:25 AM

 Session 1 Oct. 19th-Nov. 9th 
Session 2 Dec. 7th-Jan 4th  

Jr. Swim Club (Ages 7-11)
Swim Club (Ages 12-18)

Fall Sessions: Oct. 15-29 | Nov. 2-16 | Dec. 3-21
$55 per monthly session/$10 Drop in Fee
Tues & Thurs: 7pm -7:45pm and Sat 12pm-12:45pm

A skill evaluation will be required upon registration. Please bring/wear Swimsuit, Towel, and goggles (not needed but recommended). This program to introduce your child to a swim team environment. If your child is interested in swim team this class is for you. We meet 2 times a week for 45min sessions. We will be learning swim team terminology, circle swimming, race starts, and flip turns. Child must be able to swim 50 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke and 25 yards of breaststroke and butterfly to the best of their ability. No practice is held during public school holidays, breaks, and teacher workdays.

Private & Semi Private Swim Lessons Ages 3+

Lessons will be set up based upon client and instructors availability. Private lessons for under 3 available!

  • $100 for 3 hours of private instruction that can be split into (6) thirty minute sessions or (4) forty-five minute sessions. 

  • $60 per participant for 3 hours of semi-private (2 participants) instruction that can be split into (6) thirty minute sessions or (4) forty-five minute sessions. This option works well for siblings, training partners, family members, etc.

  • Register for private and semi-private lessons online, or in person at the pool. Private/Semi-Private lessons are open to any age and level, from novice to high level stroke refinement. Once registered, participants will be paired with an instructor that meets their scheduling and instructional level needs.  

Private Swim Lessons for Water Babies (Under 3)

  • $75 for 4 30min